Course Update - Oct 2016.

The folllowing update on course improvement works has been issued by the head Greenkeeper - Mark Latham.



We have during the summer period managed to complete some of the bunkers renovation, all the bunkers on holes 3-6 have been fully sprayed with Total and most of the weeds up to this point have been killed off. We have manged to complete holes 3 and 6 and these are now back in play. On the 4th we have completed the greenside bunker and will complete the other 2 by end of the month. The bunker on the right hand side of the fairway is to be filled in as well as the fairway bunker on the 7th in due course when material and machinery are available. 
The 5th hole the plan is to reduce the number of bunkers from 4 to 3 and reduce the overall size especially the second fairway bunker and the green side bunker by half again when material is available.


Greens – work completed
AIR2G2The greens have been hollow tined in early September to try and reduce the organic matter and some 40 tonne top dressing applied, then over-seeded with bent grass  They are still recovering at present but are starting to show some signs this week. This week we have also hired an AIR2G2 this one-of-a-kind machine immediately relieves compaction, aides in surface water drainage by creating larger pore space in the soil subsurface, balances the water to air ratio within the soil and encourages positive microbial activity. Furthermore, the increase in air space within the soil means there’s more room for roots to grow. The deeper the roots grow, the more resistant the turf is to drought conditions


Greens – works planned
October – slow release application is planned.

November – seaweed and iron inc. wetting agent.


This week we have manged to hollow tine all the tees, which I don’t remember in the past 18 years has ever been done. This is to help with compaction relief and drainage during the coming months. The plan is again to keep as many of these tees in play over the winter period if however some of the par 3 tees start to look worn we will have to put winter mats out on these again.

Winter period
The aim during the winter is to cut as much rough back as possible on each hole and to look at as much drainage issues during this time. I will also post a plan to indicate what is planned against each hole during the next couple of weeks and if anyone as other ideas/suggestions these can be looked at.